Car Window Sunshade - UV Protection (2 Pcs)

Car Window Sunshade - UV Protection (2 Pcs)

Car Window Sunshade - UV Protection (2 Pcs)

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A Must Have For Driving In The Sun! 

The Car Window Sunshade keeps your car cool while blocking out heat and sunrays! This is perfect for hot summer trips and keeps all passengers protected from the sun but cool at the same time.

Car Window Sunshade Curtain with UV Protection creates a comfortable and cool environment for all passengers. It also prevents harmful UV rays and provides privacy protection.


  • Heat-Insulating: The sunshade prevents your car from heating up by reflecting thermal rays. 
  • Easy to Use: Simply stretch over the window and you're done! 
  • Natural Design: The sunshade naturally covers your car window to give it a clean look while blocking out sun rays. 
  • UV-Protection: Blocks up to 80% of UV rays. 
  • Fits all Car Windows: The sunshade easily stretches to fit windows on any car model. 


  • Material: Premium Nylon Mesh 
  • Size: 113cm x 50cm (Stretchable to 122cm x 70cm) 

Package Include:

  • Car Window Sunshade - UV Protection (2 Pcs)
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